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How to maintain the oil pan?
The maintenance of oil discs is basically similar to that of wire discs. The first thing is to keep them clean, and the discs must not touch the oil.
If it sticks a bit, you can try cleaning it with alcohol. If it is severe, it is recommended to replace it.
In addition, excessive cleaning is actually not good, especially for discs. Dirty discs do not actually affect the braking effect, which is also the advantage of disc brakes compared to V-brakes.
So, as long as it is not sticky oil, the disc can completely be cleaned. The disc is relatively sharp, and if not cleaned carefully, it is very likely to hurt your hands.
It should be noted that if the wheel is removed, do not pinch the brake lever, as this will cause the brake discs to press together and cannot rebound. To prevent this situation from happening, usually when buying a car, a small card is included and placed between the incoming cards to prevent this situation.
Hydraulic oil should not be used indiscriminately. It is necessary to use hydraulic oil recommended by the manufacturer. In fact, current oil discs do not require frequent oil changes.
For novice friends, it is recommended to go directly to the car dealership and ask the technician for help if there is a problem with the oil pan

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